Friday, December 01, 2006

BizSutras POC Application

BizSutras promote good practices. These are not best practices. One will find there are more than one alternative sutra for each of them.

As a proof of concept we plan to develop a simple but usable application. Following are the creteria for selecting a Business Use-Case

  1. Shoud not be an acadamic application like petstore
  2. Has to be WEB-BASED
  3. Has to be usable out-of the box
  4. Quick to develop
  5. Which can demonstrate most of the Business Application Development Scenarios

The final choice is Vetan (Paroll)

There are very few paroll and HR applications in opensource. But seems there is very good demand. This is relatively well know domain. Market is still fragmented.

Initial code base is going to be derived from OrangeHRM. We are going to reuse the data model.

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